My name is Michelle Harrick and I am the creator behind Annette Street Press

A little about me…

I am in my early 30s and live in Toronto, Canada with my husband, 3 year old son, and baby twins.

Before our money went toward adorable baby outfits and our eyelids got heavy at 9pm, we used to spend our time planning vacations around the Caribbean, Europe, and Japan.

My sister and I have been photographing weddings at our sister biz, 3Photography for over 10 years.


I love art and photography and like most in a creative field need to work with my hands everyday. 

AnnetteStreetPress is my creative outlet where I am able to pursue and share my passion for watercolor art. 

As a design studio, AnnetteStreetPress specializes in hand painted watercolor wedding invitations, illutrations, prints and cards with plans to expand to other products down the road.