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Suites & Services

Mini suites and full suites are the most common set of components included in a custom wedding invitation package. If you need something different that’s okay too as I will customize to meet your unique needs & requirements!

I also offer several “extra services” that can be combined and included with the components in a full or mini suite

Mini Suite


Invite Cards

RRSP Cards

Full Suite


Invite Cards

Save The Date Cards

RRSP Cards

Event Details Cards

Menu Cards

Thank You Cards



Hand Lettered Envelopes

Directions & Maps Cards


Planning Phase

Step 1: Defining Scope

We’ll need to define how many components (Save the date, RSVP, Invite, Event Detail, Menu, Thank You cards etc.) that you need in your custom suite.

Step 2: Outlining Requirements

Next we’ll need to capture and outline your requirements in two categories, general requirements and design requirements

General requirements include details such as how many of each component you need as well as the timelines for delivery

Design requirements include the specifics for how you want your custom wedding invitation suite to look. These requirements will also include things like the spelling of your names and the details on your wedding such as dates, times, addresses and other wording.  These requirements will be used as my blueprint to guide the design phase of your custom suite. 

Step 3: Planning Sign-Off

Once everything is captured and documented we’ll both review and sign-off on the scope and requirements so that we are both on the same page!


Step 4: Concept Design

Based on your requirements I will pull together a concept design of your suite to share with you

Step 5: Feedback & Iterative Updates

Once the concept design has been shared in a digital format 

Step 6: Final Design

Step 7: Design Sign-off

Once you have the final design in digital format we’ll both sign off on it’s completion to move to the delivery phase

Delivery Phase

Frequently Asked Questions

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Looking for a completely custom wedding invitation set? We specialize in custom hand painted watercolor wedding invitation sets that include save the date, invitation, RSVP, event detail, menu and thank you cards.



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